Felipe Massa : Options for an F1 Seat in 2014


Felipe Massa will end his eight year driving stint with Ferrari at the end of this season. Kimi Raikkonen will be taking over his ride in 2014. So where will Massa wind up? He will have plenty of options.

Among those options may be a ride in DTM for Mercedes. Massa has stated he wants to remain in F1 but, if unable to secure a top ride in the series, has not ruled out going to a different series.

“I am talking to a few teams,” he said. “And I am optimistic I am going to find a solution. I want a car that will give me the opportunity to fight for wins – otherwise I’m not interested.”

Massa’s main goal is to remain competitive. That has to be admired in a racer.

Felipe is an 11–time winner who is seventh in the driver’s standings and is helping Ferrari to a second place finish thus far in the manufacturer’s standings. He has finished second in the standings (2008) and third (2006) and should still be in demand at the F1 level. As such, there should be some good offers coming his way.

Many of the drivers in Formula One are changing teams, which will create many openings during ‘Silly Season”. But even should he be the odd man out in this game of “musical chairs” he could end up in a good ride in another series. Juan Pablo Montoya is switching to Indy Car next season as he has found himself in a similar situation in NASCAR. Perhaps Massa could think about coming to the US and giving either Indy or Grand Am a try.

Lotus is one rumored destination in F1. They seem to be trying to decide between Massa, Nico Hulkenberg and current driver Romain Grosjean. Hulkenberg is younger than Massa and would seem to have the inside track. If they decide to keep Grosjean, then Massa could be the odd man out.

McLaren is another possibility for Massa next season, as they too will have an opening. The front runner for that position seems to be Fernando Alonso but, if he takes that ride, that will open up a spot for his old ride at Ferrari. Someone will have to grab that spot which opens up more spots. So there really are a number of options for Massa that we may not even know of yet.

With younger drivers coming in next year, some of the current drivers will be looking for work elsewhere. But with a talented driver such as Massa, there will be a seat for him somewhere in 2014.

2 thoughts on “Felipe Massa : Options for an F1 Seat in 2014

  1. Eugene Puzio

    Felipe In dry weather is one of the top 5 racing presently. In wet weather there are three better, Alonso, Raikennen and Vettel. No one is better in starting a race.

    1. MJ Post author

      Thanks Eugene for stopping by and providing your opinion. I agree with you and would like to know who are the others in your list of top 5 racing personalities.


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